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We will be selling everything off and closing our doors! Thank you for all the support over the years, I truely do appreacite all the customers who have trusted dynamicSailor with your sailing needs. I have decided to pursue other actitivies so am selling off all remaining inventory and great prices! Thank you! - Skipper Troy

About dynamicSailor.com

We who love the open water and wind in our sails share a bond! No matter our story, we all love to sail and are looking for ways to make it easier and more affordable!

Sailing is life-long passion of dynamicSailor.com founder, Skipper Troy. Troy grew up sailing the 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota with his father and Boy Scouts. He advanced to sailing the Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. While fostering this hobby, Troy became an expert web developer, then IT Data Storage Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. Troy took his love of sailing and skill with web development & business management to combine forces, creating the future of sailing e-retailing.

At dynamicSailor.com, we use current e-retail practices in order to provide affordable supplies and services… and fast… to wherever you sail! We have used his web design skills to integrate product stock, ordering, and shipping with other sites for a complete shopping experience. In addition to dynamicSailor.com, products can be found on Amazon and E-Bay.

No longer do you need to pay the outrageous prices of marina shops! You don’t need to drive to large warehouse stores for one item! Just hop on your computer or smartphone to have your sailing supplies delivered right to your door! We’ll have you ready to get out on the water in no time!

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Thank you for supporting dynamicSailor.com!